I Will Do Your Work With A Smile On My face: Confessions and Surrendering to Jesus Christ

by Sourabh Kishore



I am presenting my another composition based on amazing lyrics written by gospel lyrics writer, Brother Kenneth Mood. We all have works assigned by Jesus Christ. He has given a mission to each one among us. He conveys our purpose in our respective lives through his messages that we should try and hear in a sub-conscience connected with Him, many layers deep in our respective minds that is united universally, while praying. We need to listen what he has conveyed and follow his instructions. Once we get into His missions, he provides all necessary resources, ideas, knowledge, and even wealth to finish his works. Brother Kenneth Mood has written this song in the form of a prayer to Jesus Christ requesting Him to convey what he wants from us. We are all disgraced with our sins. However, we need to remain in harmony with our beloved lord such that we can hear His voices.


The lyrics are as the following:
I'll do your work
With a smile on my face
I am disgraced, with all my sins
but with you I am in harmony
My God you are my King
What can I, bring and say
You are eternal
You are my saviour
Take me places where I should go
And spread your love ever more
I will do more good in your name
I will give my life for your works

I'll try my best
I'll keep focused
Your love is deep
Your care universal
Just with you we are in harmony
I am broken and lost in this world
I can't count the cost of my life
I am your humble servant
You are my lord and my father
Help me to follow your steps
Help me to be more alive
In your words and In your blessings
I will strive to find my world

I'll do your work
With a smile on my face
I am disgraced, with all my sins
but with you I am in harmony
By Brother Kenneth Mood


released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


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