Jesus Will Not Leave Anyone: English Jesus Praise Song

by Sourabh Kishore



Presenting our new Christian Praise song on Pop Rock with lyrics published.
Lyrics, Composition, Music, Voice: Sourabh Kishore


[Intro Music]
Lord's mercies never ends
They are fresh every morning
They amass as we grow in life
They are spread through our prayers

Lord is very kind to us
He is giving a fair chance
To the loved ones of true lovers
To the millions waiting to be saved

Lord's heart is like pure gold
His love is pure and flawless
Lord answers to our prayers
He is here to change lives
He loves those who pray
for unsaved and the lost

He defeats the devil

[Connecting music starts]
[Spoken Words]
His blood is the holiest
His word is the highest
He stands to protect the souls
He stands to listen to prayers
For even the unsaved departed souls
He is only God who listens
He is only God who responds
He is only God who saves
He is only God who is faithful

[Connecting music ends]
We seek you O Holy Lord
We seek your truth O Holy Word
We rejoice by your presence
We seek to fill your holy spirit

Jesus adds time for the unsaved
As the prayers of millions flow to Him
As the lamps of bridesmaids fill with oil
He grants extensions to the world

Till the last soul turns to Him
Till the prayers are sung to Him
Jesus is waiting eagerly
To redeem every lost sheep

Jesus will not leave anyone
He listens to the voices of the mute
Jesus is waiting for everyone
To get to His and Father's side

To hide under His strong shield
That can never be breached by evil
He gave His life and blood
On the cross He sacrificed
Like a lamb to redeem
Every Lost soul on this Earth

We Praise Him!!
[Ending music]


released June 15, 2016
Lyrics, Composition, Music, Voice: Sourabh Kishore



all rights reserved


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